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            Chipset Partners

            Collaborating with strategic partners is what we do. Our relationships with preferred partners and key enablers are a top priority. Through those relationships, we're building an ecosystem that promotes connections and co development efforts that lead to better solutions for our customers. Because we're a leading memory supplier, top enablers can get early availability of product samples, regular product and market updates, insights into new memory technologies, and dedicated resources.

            The Micron Advantage

            Your system relies on more than high-performance memory solutions to succeed. That’s why we work with system and segment experts—both internal and external to Micron—to develop memory solutions that meet the requirements of your entire system.

            Better performance, reliability

            Collaborating with 70+ semiconductor design teams and solutions providers to validate memory devices for your key platforms.


            Fully optimized, leading-edge solutions

            Investing in extensive resources to understand current and future system trends worldwide in all of the major market segments.


            Reduced engineering costs

            Minimizing your time and costs spent investigating memory compatibility so you can take your design to market faster.


            Simplified system designs

            Promoting collaboration efforts between industry-leading technology experts, which can benefit your systems in big ways.


            Chipset Partners

            Some of our strategic partners and collaborative efforts are featured below. Click below to get more details on what we're doing to make your designs more successful.