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            University Recruiting

            Translate your education and talent into a career fueled by possibilities. Develop your skills and expand your opportunities with access to the industry's leading talent, training, and technology. You'll be contributing your expertise to help reshape information, communication, and innovation around the globe.

            Discover what's possible

            Micron's new grad opportunities capture students from a wide variety of academic pursuits from business to engineering, undergrad to PhD. Let's discover what is possible together.

            Resume and interviewing tips

            Your Resume
            Your Application
            Differentiate Yourself
            Your Experience
            Man and Woman of Color collaborating over a resume on a laptop
            Step 1

            Make your resume stand out

            Have a clear and updated objective statement. Be specific and quantify your experiences. Highlight relevant project.

            Step 2

            Submit your application

            Join our Talent Community, find the career for you and follow the job link to submit your application.

            Step 3

            Differentiate Yourself

            Engage with Micron at a campus career event and be prepared to talk about your experiences and goals. If selected for a phone interview, highlight how certain projects or work experiences translate to the role you are applying to/ Practice, practice, practice. The more you are familiar with these types of interactions the less daunting they seem.

            Man at desk working to stand out through relevant work experience to apply for Micron Careers
            Step 4

            Add relevant experience

            Continue to find ways to add relevant experience either through courses offered, research opportunities, or organizations. A number of students will take the same classes; how do you stand out?