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            Memory // Storage // Innovations

            Ryan Meredith on How to Get Crazy Fast Aerospike Performance

            By Rebecca Lewington - 2021-01-22

            Ryan Meredith has, in his words, “an awesome job.” He leads a team of talented engineers who spend their days dreaming up ways to use Micron’s storage technologies to “really push the envelope” or even shred it!

            Using Micron’s X100 NVMe SSD, he’s achieved impressive scores on some benchmarks for Aerospike, one of the fastest NoSQL databases that underpin time-critical web applications like fraud detection, recommendation engines and stock trading. For example, on the ACT benchmark — which is like the time Aerospike takes to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour — X100 hit an amazing 1,400,000 transactions per second. It also refuses to slow down as the system load increases, which is, as they say, a very good thing.

            Or, as Ryan puts it, “Aerospike is a crazy fast NoSQL database and our testing proves that you can get crazy fast results using the Micron X100 SSD.”

            And why is X100 so fast? The not-so-secret sauce is Micron’s 3D XPoint™ nonvolatile memory technology, which works on a completely different principle to conventional flash-based SSDs. I strongly recommend you listen in to find out more.

            If you really want to dig in, check out Ryan’s technical white paper at micron.com/aerospike.



            Rebecca Lewington

            Rebecca Lewington

            Technology Evangelist, Global Corporate Marketing and Corporate Communications
            Rebecca is responsible for telling Micron’s technology story to show how fractally innovative our people are and how we’re enabling the world to harness data to accelerate exploration and discovery. Based in California, she holds a master’s degree in engineering from the University of London and has been granted 15 patents in the field of semiconductor plasma etch manufacturing systems.